Information Systems

We have an in-house software program that provides a large library of equipment and the necessary data for equipment planning, procurement, commissioning and information management. The asset planning program, EPA Asset Planning System II, is a uniquely designed program that meets the requirements of the architects, engineers and hospital clients. It provides the basis of equipment planning including the preliminary generic list, inventory assessment, utility data, specifications and commissioning activities. This program provides all pertinent information from the initial room by room identification, through tender analyses, to commissioning status.

Major projects involve thousands of pieces of data including new items of equipment, specifications, accessories, finishes, costs, manufacturers and vendors, as well as existing equipment. Our relational data base provides flexibility and many sorting with only one entry of data elements. The menu driven applications program makes in-putting of information easier with less key strokes. Unit measurements are provided in both metric and imperial systems, thus eliminating the tedious conversions and time consuming computations.

Specifications are sometimes preloaded, reducing the time required for data base creation and providing a standard format for consistent recall. All items have current pricing, which is kept up to date by our planners, allowing our specialists to spend time on issue resolutions rather than the tedious task of cost research. The capability of sorting on architecturally significant items provides better communication with the architect and reduces equipment-related construction change order costs.

The most significant aspect of the computer system is that it is an on-line, in house, and relational data base system with a terminal at the work station of every planner and specialist. Reports are prepared on a laser printer in 8 1/2″ x 11″ format or available through E-mail. The program is being upgraded continually over the years based on project requirements.

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